What’s in Ka?

Baybayin is the ancient precolonial script of the Philippines. It is no longer used today by the majority. Out of the 17 main characters (they could vary depending on what you add to the character and there is one character for da/ra), I like writing ka the most. The one below is a Bisaya Hervàs font. I am using it as a signature on pictures.


Ka in many Filipino words often implies connection like in kapatid (sibling), kaanak (relative), kaibigan (friend), kasintahan (boyfriend/girlfriend), kapwa (fellow)…and even kaaway (enemy). Others also use ka as a symbol of the Filipino. Kalayaaan (freedom), kasaganaan (abundance), kasiyahan (joy), kaginhawaan (prosperity), kaunlaran (development) and kapayapaan (peace) are the aspirations of the nation.