Hi, I am here to help you find an accommodation when you plan to visit Thailand. First, please provide the necessary information below. I will then send you a list of accommodation and rates through email. Second, choose what you think is the best and if you decide to use my services, I will send you a Paypal link. Third, kindly click the Paypal button for me to process your booking. A booking confirmation will be sent to your email address with my contact number in case you want to call about your booking. Online payment is only through Paypal. However, please let me know if you have a Thai bank account and can do bank transfer. You just need to send me a copy of the receipt.

I value integrity and trust so rest assured a booking confirmation will be sent to you after paying. I have been living in Thailand for several years and have been in various places around the country. Please do not hesitate to contact me here. Thank you very much and enjoy your vacation!

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